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What to do Between Travel Assignments

Many healthcare professionals decide to start a travel career for better pay, and the opportunity to explore their dream cities while pursuing their passion for helping people. For 13 weeks, you will be experiencing a new culture, meeting new people, and even trying new foods. You stay busy during your assignment, but what should you do after your contract ends? Some caregivers may do multiple contracts back-to-back with no break, while others may take some time off to rejuvenate and catch up with family and friends. One of the top reasons to become a travel nurse is the ability to take time off. Whether you are new or seasoned to the travel industry, we recommend taking a break to breathe and recharge, even if it is just for a few weeks in between assignments. Not sure what to do now that your contract is over? Here are a few ideas for what to do:

Travel for Fun

While one of the main reasons for becoming a travel nurse is to travel, you may not always get a contract in a city of your choosing; or where you want to visit may not have any available contracts nearby. During your assignment, plan a mini vacation for yourself or with friends once your contract ends. Go on a road trip, checking off several places on your bucket list, or stay in one location and explore all that it has to offer. Travel abroad and experience even more overseas. No matter where you decide to go, traveling for yourself is a great way to unwind and feel refreshed before your next assignment.

Visit Family and Friends Back Home

Depending on where your contract is, it may be hard to visit your loved ones. Take a break from your work life and spend it with your family and friends. Explore your hometown to see if any changes occurred while away, have dinner at your favorite restaurant, or even schedule a haircut with your favorite stylist. If you are unable to go home during your break, pick a place in between for your family or friends to meet and have a mini vacation. Being around your favorite people after a busy contract will help you reenergize and gear up for what’s to come.


Even though your career calls for helping others, pursue your other passions while on break. Volunteer at a local animal shelter to help pets find their forever homes or spend a few hours at organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to befriend and mentor young children. No matter your passion, there is bound to be a volunteer opportunity for you. What better way to spend some of your time off work than helping others and giving back to your community?

Complete Tasks Around Your Home

There is always work to be done as a homeowner. Whether it be repainting walls, buying new furniture, or updating the landscape, the chores never end. If some of your tasks need a specialist such as a contractor, landscaper, etc., make sure to schedule your appointments ahead of time as many are booked weeks out during the warmer months. Working on your home not only helps you feel a sense of accomplishment, but also makes your space more you. After a long 13-weeks away, there is no better feeling than unwinding in your home.

Take Time for Yourself

Lastly, during your time off make sure to spend some time on yourself. Make sure to spend time doing things that you love. Take a day adventuring solo by going on a hike, or trying out a new restaurant, go to the spa, or spend time at home catching up on your favorite shows or books. Whatever activities interest you, do not forget to take a break from reality and enjoy yourself. Having “me” time is important for your health and mental wellness.

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