How to Combat Loneliness as a Travel Caregiver During the Holidays

combat loneliness

Being a travel caregiver away on an assignment during the holidays can be lonely. Depending on where your assignment is, it can be difficult to see loved ones. Whether you are on your first or seventh assignment, being away from family and friends during the holidays can be hard and put a damper on your…

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Before You Go: Must-Knows for Prospective Travel Caregivers

travel caregivers

If you have a passion for helping people and love traveling, becoming a travel caregiver may be the career for you. There are many benefits of being a travel caregiver such as not only doing what you love, but exploring new cities, trying new foods, and meeting new people along the way. Being a travel…

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Top Tips for Traveling with Your Pets


Traveling with pets can be challenging for many pet owners. Finding accommodation that permits animals and even the car ride itself can be stressful. Some travel caregivers may prefer leaving their pet(s) with a family member or friend while they are away on assignment. However, bringing your pet(s) along for the ride can have several…

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8 Items to Pack for a Fully Furnished Rental

fully furnished

Throughout your travel nursing career, you may find that it is easier to rent fully furnished housing than your own apartment; especially if you are constantly traveling. Whether you are renting a room or a full home, you won’t have to worry about bringing items such as linens, cooking utensils and gadgets, or electronics like…

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6 Reasons to Become a Travel Nurse

travel nurse

No matter if you have been a nurse for a couple years or more than twenty, if able to, you should give travel nursing a try! Travel nursing opens you up to so many opportunities and experiences. Not only do you have the option to travel to cities you’ve never been to, but you will…

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Travel Tips for Long Car Rides

travel tips

You have landed your next (or first) travel nursing assignment! When it comes to travel arrangements, you may decide to fly or drive to your new city. While flying may get you there faster, it can be more expensive than driving and may not allow you to bring everything you want to take with you.…

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5 Destressful Tips on Self Care

Working as a traveling clinician can be stressful. It’s important to find ways to destress, especially now when stress levels are running high. We asked some of our experienced travel clinicians for some tips on how to destress when on the road. 1. It’s important to take some time for yourself. Whether it’s treating yourself…

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Mother’s Day Meditation: Video

  Today we’re celebrating all of the AMAZING super-mama’s out there! You show up unconditionally, often sacrificing time you would take for yourself by caring for others. We’re offering a special gift for you today! Grab a mat and water and check out this free meditation class with Asha. We know you’ll love her as…

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