Clinical Staffing

Clinical Staffing

Clinical Staffing

Focus on healing, not on staffing.

Maybe you’re part of a large teaching hospital that struggles to meet fluctuating patient needs with the right level of nurse staffing. Maybe your ER is having an emergency for unexpected reasons: your staff is working through problems with organizational leadership. Or you’ve had a dizzying series of unforeseen staffing interruptions — from a nurse baby boom to a rolling flu outbreak. Whatever the cause, you need clinical staffing and you need it fast. Here at TotalMed, we work 24-7 to source you the highest quality travel nurses, travel therapists, allied staff, and other clinical experts to fill your staffing needs, whatever they may be.


Reduce understaffing faster with the quickest agency in the industry

After years of evolution in the hospital and health plan staffing space, we’ve produced cutting-edge technology that rapidly connects our clients with the talent they need. While most agencies begin their search at 9 am and end at 5 pm, we work around the clock to source, vet, and pair the ideal clinicians with your organization.

Reduce errors and misfit staff with our impeccable vetting process

Patient safety is your number one priority. We vet every candidate based on your organization’s requirements. This not only assures you the skilled clinicians that will keep your hospital running smoothly, but also helps find best-fit practitioners who match your hospital’s culture. By placing the right candidates fast, we help you prevent understaffing, reduce clinical errors, and improve unit efficiency.

Bring in talented clinicians dedicated to patient care

Our clinicians share your drive to keep patients safe, happy and cared for. Time and again, we ask our clinicians what drives their passion for their work and their answer is always the patients. From learning new evidence-based practices to connecting with new patient populations, our clinicians value the skills and experiences that help them help their patients.