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Modernize Staffing with Float Pools

Seamlessly navigate patient demand with tailored float pool solutions

Staffency®, TotalMed’s workforce solutions division, redefines flexibility in healthcare staffing with our strategic float pool services. Our mission is to craft a bespoke team of floating staff, precisely tailored to your organization’s unique needs and dynamics, reducing strain on your core staff.

Understanding Float Pools

Float pools represent the pinnacle of workforce agility. Comprising of nurses skilled at adapting to various departments and units, these teams bring a wealth of experience and versatility. Whether for short-term relief or long-term strategy, our float pools are designed to seamlessly integrate into your system, infusing your workforce with flexibility and skill.

The Strategic Advantage

Float pools are more than a staffing solution; they are a proactive strategy to address the ebb and flow of healthcare demands. By having a pre-screened and ready-to-deploy staff, you save invaluable time and resources, ensuring that your patient care remains uninterrupted and efficient.

Optimizing Your Workforce

A float pool is a dynamic tool to alleviate the pressures on your core team, enhancing overall staff well-being and diversifying the skill set within your departments. It’s a strategy that not only supports your current staffing needs, but also prepares your organization for future changes and challenges.

Choosing Staffency

Our approach to float pool management is data-driven and strategic. We analyze your needs to create a pool that fits perfectly within your operational framework, avoiding unnecessary costs and optimizing your staffing ecosystem.

The Power of Float Pools:

  • On-demand, flexible staffing solutions
  • Quick response to staffing shortages including strike and crisis staffing
  • Buffer against seasonal fluctuations and unforeseen events
  • Enhanced skills and experience across departments
  • Reduction in overtime and premium pay expenses
  • Support for permanent staff, promoting balance and satisfaction
  • Upheld standards of care and patient safety

Today is the Day

Modernize your staffing strategy with Staffency’s float pool solutions. Embrace flexibility, efficiency, and quality in healthcare staffing.