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Travel Nurse Staffing

Staffency®, TotalMed’s workforce solutions division, redefines flexibility in healthcare staffing with our fulfillment for travel, per diem, float pool, and permanent positions with qualified clinicians. Our mission is to craft a placement model precisely tailored to your organization’s unique needs and dynamics, increasing job satisfaction and reducing strain on your core staff.

The Power of Travel Staffing

Accelerate your fulfillment with qualified clinicians for travel, per diem, float pool, and permanent positions.

    • Flexible staffing solutions
    • Consistency through unforeseen staffing issues
    • Reduction in overtime and premium pay expenses
    • Support for permanent staff, promoting balance and satisfaction
    • Ensures optimal nurse to patient ratios

Let's Explore Today

Join us on this journey of redefining healthcare staffing and experience the TotalMed difference with our dedicated, empathetic approach to travel nursing.