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Dedicated Staffing for Health Plans

Staffing Solutions Perfect For You

We Understand That Health Insurers are Not Just About Providing a Product or Service; They are About People. Quality care, accessibility, and affordability are the cornerstones of your service and that is what drives our commitment to providing you with staffing solutions that align perfectly with your culture and operational needs.

Our approach is to simplify your hiring process, connecting you with highly skilled and vetted candidates who are not just qualified, but also resonate with your mission, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - delivering exceptional services to your members.

Areas of Health Plan Operations We Support:

  • Case Management: Proficient in complex case management, covering long-term care and high-risk OB, and a comprehensive network of social work and behavioral health professionals. 
  • Utilization Management: Experienced professionals in prior authorization and concurrent review and skilled in retrospective review and appeals personnel
  • Quality Improvement: Dedicated nurses and administrative staff for quality assurance, quality practice advisors and patient care advocates, and specialized support for HEDIS initiatives
  • Business Operations: Handling grievances and appeals with sensitivity and precision, efficient claims management and member/provider services, and skilled project managers and administrative staff
  • Contact Center: Member services, provider support, and enrollment services
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management: Qualified pharmacy technicians and licensed pharmacists
  • Provider Network Support: Expert provider network managers and data analysts and reliable network management support and representatives

Gain the Competitive Edge in Non-Clinical Staffing

In the challenging quest for high-caliber Health Plan talent, TotalMed gives you a decisive advantage.

Our proprietary AI technology employs advanced predictive marketing and 24/7 outreach campaigns to unearth exceptional candidates through innovative recruitment strategies. By accessing talent pools beyond the reach of other firms, we not only meet your staffing needs but also position you at the forefront of success in the competitive healthcare landscape.

TotalMed’s approach to staffing is all about precision. We meticulously vet each candidate, ensuring a match that aligns with your unique needs, reflected in our low 11% attrition rate.

With us, quality staffing is about more than just qualifications; it’s about the perfect fit.

Secure Top Talent First

Experience the TotalMed advantage in health plan staffing.