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Design the Future of Your Healthcare Team

Empowering Healthcare Teams for Tomorrow

At TotalMed, we're more than a staffing facilitator; we're your visionary partner in sculpting healthcare teams of tomorrow. Our approach melds technological innovation with a deep-seated understanding of the healthcare landscape. Together, we'll craft a workforce that doesn’t just fill roles – it propels your mission forward, enriching both patient care and your team's dynamic.

The TotalMed Network

  • 10,000+ job boards connectivity
  • 200+ collaborative staffing partners
  • Pioneering marketing techniques
  • A rich pipeline of ready talent

Staffbot VMS Technology

Staffency Workforce Solutions is fueled by Staffbot VMS technology. Staffency relies exclusively on Staffbot, a proprietary technology designed to oversee contingent labor and float pools across clinical and non-clinical environments. Additionally, Staffbot can function independently, allowing for self-management of internal programs and float pools.

Managed Services Provider

Enhance your operational efficiency with our seasoned Managed Services Provider (MSP) team. We navigate the recruitment landscape, ensuring every hire is a stride towards enhanced care and operational success.

Strategic Float Pools

Create a dynamic force of floating clinicians, ready to seamlessly integrate and uphold your standard of care in times of need.

Consulting Services

Partner with us to navigate the intricacies of healthcare staffing, ensuring your internal operations are as robust and responsive as the care you provide.

Begin Your Transformation 

Today is the day. Take the first step towards revolutionizing your workforce and connect with us to explore a world of possibilities.