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Empowering Healthcare with Premier Talent

Supporting Your Mission, Perfecting Your Team

At TotalMed, we don’t just provide staffing solutions; we fuel your healthcare mission with excellence. With a deep understanding of the critical nature of healthcare staffing, TotalMed stands as your dedicated ally.

TotalMed's 24/7 commitment ensures you access a pool of exceptional nurses, therapists, and allied staff who are more than qualified — they’re game changers who elevate your standard of care.

Transformative Workforce Solutions

From bridging clinical gaps to supporting pivotal transitions, TotalMed's spectrum of services ensures your healthcare facility thrives. 

  • Managed services for seamless staffing 
  • Dynamic float pools 
  • Comprehensive travel healthcare staffing 
  • Strike and crisis staffing needs 
  • Solutions for non-clinical hospital staffing 
  • Expert consulting services 

Workforce Solutions

The TotalMed approach melds technological innovation with a deep-seated understanding of the healthcare landscape. Together, we'll craft a workforce that doesn’t just fill roles. 

Staffing Services

Partner with TotalMed to assemble a team that not only complements your facility's dynamics, but also propels it to new heights of efficiency and innovation. 

Innovative Technology, Seamless Integration

Embrace the future with Staffbot®. TotalMed's tech solutions streamline your staffing, from Vendor Management Systems that refine talent searches to Applicant Tracking Software that simplifies the recruitment processes.