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Simplifying Recruitment with Advanced Technology

Accelerating Talent Acquisition with Staffbot®

In the world of healthcare staffing, finding and securing top-quality professionals is a constant challenge. Built to streamline the talent acquisition process, TotalMed's Staffbot® technology not only identifies exceptional talent, but also accelerates the hiring process, giving your healthcare organization a decisive competitive advantage.

Optimize Your Staffing

Harness the power of automation with our Staffbot suite. By integrating innovative technology into your recruitment process, you benefit from:

  • A remarkable 71% faster fill rate*, ensuring your staffing needs are met promptly.
  • An impressive 83% reduction in administrative costs*, freeing up resources for other critical healthcare services. *Statistics compared to industry averages

Vendor Management System (VMS)

Gain a significant edge in attracting and securing the best talent in the healthcare industry with our advanced VMS technology. This tool streamlines the recruitment process, making it more efficient and effective in meeting your staffing needs

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Our automated ATS technology transforms the way you recruit, place, and onboard candidates. Experience faster, more efficient processes that align perfectly with the dynamic needs of your healthcare organization.

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Enhance Your Recruitment Strategy Learn how TotalMed’s technology solutions can revolutionize your staffing approach, addressing your pain points with innovative and efficient solutions.