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8 Items to Pack for a Fully Furnished Rental

Throughout your travel nursing career, you may find that it is easier to rent fully furnished housing than your own apartment; especially if you are constantly traveling. Whether you are renting a room or a full home, you won’t have to worry about bringing items such as linens, cooking utensils and gadgets, or electronics like a TV, as those will be provided. Many nurses prefer fully furnished rentals to help lower the amount of luggage and save space in their car. While these rentals provide quite a bit, there are a few items we recommend bringing to make your space feel more comfortable. Read below to learn about our top items to pack for making a fully furnished rental feel more like home.

Small Kitchen Electronics

While most rentals will come with a coffee pot and a microwave, some may not have small kitchen appliances like a crockpot, blender, or air fryer. Crockpots are great for travel nurses to have a meal ready as soon as you get home. You can also look into getting a crockpot/air pressure cooker in one to make even more meals. If you have a favorite coffee maker, bring that so you know your coffee will taste exactly the same.

Kitchen Knife

If you regularly cook your meals, you will know how much better your utensils are compared to rentals. Even though your rental may include utensils, they may not be in the best shape. If you have a favorite knife or knife set, bring that with you. Basic cooking and eating utensils do not vary much between rentals, but having a solid knife will make cooking easier.

Spices and Herbs

Along with bringing your top kitchen electronics and utensils, consider also bringing your own spices. Your rental may provide basic ingredients, but they may not have all the spices you use for cooking. Spices and herbs are easy to pack and will bring the flavors you know and love to your favorite meals while on assignment.

Favorite Pillow or Blanket

For maximum comfort while you sleep, bring your favorite pillow or blanket. The pillows provided may be too firm or soft for your liking. We recommend bringing your favorite pillow with you to ensure a good night’s sleep, which you will definitely need as a nurse. Blankets are also great to bring for a reminder of home and to add some additional coziness for relaxing or sleeping.

Favorite Coffee Mug or Water Bottle

Have a mug or water bottle you can always rely on? Pack it up! Bring a piece of home along with you for your assignments. We all have that one coffee mug or water bottle we reach for, might as well bring it with you in case your rental does not have a good selection. Fun Tip! If you have a water bottle, purchase a sticker from each city you visit and turn your water bottle into a bottle of memories!

Small Fan

While this may not pertain to everyone, if you are one that must sleep with noise, bring a fan with you. You may be surprised how many rentals do not supply a fan. Having your own fan may also be useful if your rental does not have the best air conditioning during the hot summer months.

Pet Bed or Blanket

If you travel with your pet(s), it may be a good idea to bring their bed or blanket. Even if your rental allows pets, they may not furnish for them. Plus, bringing their own bed or blanket will give them a sense of home and help them to be more comfortable in their new place. Landlords may also not allow pets on their furniture, so bringing a blanket or some kind of cover to help protect the furniture can help avoid extra cleaning fees.

Laptop or Tablet

Lastly, bring your laptop or tablet. You may use your phone for all internet browsing, but some sites tend to work better on larger devices. Also, while browsing for a new travel assignment, having a laptop or tablet may make it easier to apply and upload documents. Tablets are great for work and can provide entertainment with games or books while on the road. It is rare for rentals to provide computers, so bring your own to help make life easier.

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