Winter Hike Essentials

winter hike

Now that winter has arrived, you may wonder what to do during your days off. For those that crave adventure, you may try hiking in the snow. Hiking during the summer is much different than in winter. However, we have compiled a list of top equipment you should have before venturing out in the chilly…

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9 Ways to Boost Your Immune System While Traveling

boost immune system

As a travel healthcare professional, you are constantly on the go. While there are many benefits to traveling such as exploring new cities and meeting new people, the job can be stressful. Being busy and stressed may cause your health and immunity to take a hit. Fortunately, there are several ways to boost your immune…

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Top Tips for Maintaining a Work-Life Balance as a Travel Nurse

work-life balance

Travel nursing offers many rewards and experiences. Being a travel nurse opens you up to new locations, people, patients, food, and so on the list goes. We all know having a nursing career can be demanding at times and have its stressful moments. These tough times can lead to nurse burnout, which may cause an…

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Ways to Fight Feelings of Loneliness During Assignments


Being a travel nurse not only allows you to pursue your passion, but to explore new cities, meet new people, and engage in new cultures. However, being a travel nurse can get lonely. While most contracts last for 13 weeks, it may seem difficult to make new friends or feel a part of the community.…

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4 Tips on Owning Your First Day as a Travel Nurse 

travel nurse

Congrats! You have just landed your first travel nurse assignment and moved into your new place for the next 13-ish weeks, now what? Being on your first assignment in a new city can be intimidating. However, we have a few tips that could help you own your first day and rock your assignment! Move In…

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What should I be asking in an Interview?

interview questions

What questions should I ask in a Travel Nursing Interview? Recruiters are often asked by the nurses they work with what questions they should ask in their phone interviews. Once you’ve landed that coveted phone interview, we’ll make sure you’re covered with a list of questions to choose from! Here are the questions you can…

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Communication Tips

We know it can be challenging to feel a part of the team when you are new, so we wanted to share a few quick communication tips that might help. 1. Ask your manager and team members what communication type they prefer It’s easy to assume that everyone likes to communicate the same way you…

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Relating to Your Manager

Everyone knows that it is important to make sure you are meeting (and hopefully exceeding) your manager’s expectations. A key component to that is making sure you are “managing up” when you are on assignment.  We wanted to share with you a couple of tips to help ensure a good relationship with your manager. 1.…

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5 Insider Tips for Travel Nurses

Rob Neuville has spent the last 6 years at TotalMed working with clinicians and clients. Working to make sure he keeps his clients in the forefront has earned him the position of Business Development Manager – Team Lead. With his broad view of working with travelers and facilities, we asked him to share some tips…

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