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Top Travel Nurse Qualities

September 28, 2023

Along with obtaining licenses and certifications, there are many qualities a travel nurse must have to succeed. When trying to land either your first or a new assignment, you want…

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Top Tips for Traveling with Your Pets

August 16, 2023

Traveling with pets can be challenging for many pet owners. Finding accommodation that permits animals and even the car ride itself can be stressful. Some travel caregivers may prefer leaving…

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travel assignment cities

5 Ways to Remember Your Favorite Travel Assignment Cities

August 9, 2023

One of the many benefits of being a travel nurse is the opportunity to travel to new cities and towns. During your assignment, not only are you doing amazing work…

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Top Tips to Prevent Nurse Burnout

July 25, 2023

Being a travel nurse has many benefits beyond helping others such as exploring new sites, learning new techniques, and a flexible schedule, but burnout can still occur. Burnout can physically…

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7 Packing Tips for Travel Nurses

July 4, 2023

Whether you’re a seasoned travel nurse or a newbie, packing for your assignment can be stressful. There are many factors to consider such as the weather conditions of your contract…

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What to Look for in a Travel Nurse Recruiter

June 13, 2023

Many experienced travel nurses will tell you that the key to a successful career is a great recruiter. Yet, if you are new to the industry, how are you supposed…

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What to do Between Travel Assignments

May 30, 2023

Many healthcare professionals decide to start a travel career for better pay, and the opportunity to explore their dream cities while pursuing their passion for helping people. For 13 weeks,…

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Top Safety Tips for Travel Nurses

May 16, 2023

Travel nursing provides several benefits in addition to new experiences. You will have the opportunity to travel to new cities, experience new things, and meet new people while pursuing your…

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nurses week

Companies Celebrating Nurses Week

May 11, 2023

So many businesses want to show their appreciation for nurses during Nurses Week! TotalMed is celebrating Nurses Week with some amazing giveaways such as a MacBook Pro, Yeti Cooler, gift…

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fully furnished

8 Items to Pack for a Fully Furnished Rental

May 3, 2023

Throughout your travel nursing career, you may find that it is easier to rent fully furnished housing than your own apartment; especially if you are constantly traveling. Whether you are…

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