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Top Safety Tips for Travel Nurses

Travel nursing provides several benefits in addition to new experiences. You will have the opportunity to travel to new cities, experience new things, and meet new people while pursuing your love of assisting others. Becoming a travel nurse, though, implies that you may be exploring and living on your own. While this may be frightening, remember to exercise your best judgment in order to be safe and have an excellent time throughout your contract. To help keep you safe, here are some tips to keep in mind for your next assignment.

Do Your Research

Before the start of any contract, research the area where you will be living and working. Use Google Maps to get an idea of your daily route to work, or where the nearest grocery stores and gas stations are. Look up crime reports and neighborhood safety ratings to choose safe areas to reside in. For your days off, research top things to do or see in your new city beforehand and make a bucket list of what you would like to experience during your assignment.

Stay Connected

During your travels to your new city, it is important to keep in touch with a friend or family member. If you are driving or taking a bus, let someone know your route and any rest stops you may take along the way. For flying, provide your flight information and if any layovers occur. Some travel nurses share their smartphone’s location with their friends or family during travels. If using a rideshare app such as Lyft or Uber, let someone know when you’re being picked up, where you are heading, and share a screenshot of your driver’s information and license plate.

Make Copies of Important Documents

Before you leave for your new contract, make at least two photocopies of your driver’s license, passport, social security card, birth certificate, and all licenses you have. Keep one back at home and take the other with you as a form of temporary identification just in case your wallet, purse, etc., go missing. Having a photocopy on hand will help verify your identity when applying for new copies. You can also upload your documents to a cloud-based storage software such as Google Docs or Dropbox for quick and easy access.

Travel With Credit Cards

Traveling with large amounts of cash could possibly make you a target, and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Credit cards are great not only for the rewards, but can be useful for emergency situations. If your credit card happens to be stolen or misplaced, your money will more than likely still be safe. Be sure to take advantage of your credit card company’s rewards. Some companies offer free flight mileage on every purchase, or hotel discounts when getting complementary upgrades. Another method to prevent theft is using mobile banking apps such as Google Pay or Apple Wallet. These apps securely store and process credit card payments, insurance cards, flight tickets, etc., all in the palm of your hand!

Befriend Coworkers

Making friends with fellow coworkers will not only help with loneliness, but they can also give you tips about the city. Ask them if there are parts of the city to avoid and what to be mindful of. Have them take you to their favorite shops, sites, and restaurants to get a personal tour of the town. Befriending locals will help keep you safe and make your stay much more enjoyable.

Trust Your Gut

Lastly, trust your gut! Just like you do when it comes to your patients, trust your gut if something feels unsafe to you. Try avoiding walking to your car alone, instead, walk with your coworkers after your shift or ask your facility’s security guard to escort you. Always keep your head up while out and about. Be aware of your surroundings and don’t be afraid to call local authorities for help.

Are you ready to put these travel safety tips into practice? Start your next adventure and apply today here!