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Recruiter Spotlight – Haley


Haley Mac

Favorite place to travel:

All over! Impossible to pick 1 place.  Love to adventure out with friends or even solo depending on what kind of mood I’m in

Favorite Restaurant:

Good sushi spots!! Authentic Indian/Mexican/Vietnamese! &  Maggiano’s has always been a ‘go-to’ growing up.

Fun Facts:

I was asked to come to the NBC studio in Chicago right before my call-back audition for ‘The Voice’ when I was 19 & got to sing on TV.

Pets/Pet or kids names:

Shafer (My dog- Cane Corso) & Kevin (My cat- psycho but I love him.)

Why do you love working for TotalMed?

The best team I could ask for.  The company itself goes above and beyond expectations for their employee’s and Nurses.

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