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TotalMed Ranked 2nd Best Travel Nursing Agency for 2021!

This year, BluePipes evaluated 350 companies by aggregating 91,240 reviews from 6 of the most reputable review sources, and TotalMed stepped up and secured 2nd place for best travel nurse companies

TotalMed had an exceptionally strong year in reviews. Our scores increased year-over-year on 4 of the six review sources we measure. Our average aggregate score increased from 86.18 to 88.82. These increases resulted in over 10 bonus points under the scoring system which catapulted us to number 2 on our list. The fact that we were able to accomplish this during the pandemic, with all its challenges, is beyond impressive, and we owe it to our whole team!

TotalMed is no stranger to annual lists of the best travel nursing companies. Travel Nursing Central listed TotalMed as one of the top companies every year from 2015 to 2020. We made it on Highway Hypodermics’ list in 2014-2017 and 2021.

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About TotalMed

TotalMed is a Top Ten, travel nursing and healthcare staffing agency with the mission of igniting purpose in healthcare. The organization staffs nurses, therapists, pharmacists, and other clinicians of all specialties in all 50 states. They offer local and travel jobs and match caregivers with the right organization to assist both facilities and patients. As an organization, they focus on putting highly-skilled staff into facilities to ensure adequate staffing for a better patient experience.

TotalMed specializes in recruiting and placing healthcare professionals in travel, PRN, and permanent positions across the country in Nursing and Allied Health. Throughout 2020, the organization filled roles at even the most short-staffed facilities during the most challenging time in healthcare. By matching the right travel healthcare professional with the right organization, TotalMed continues to offer a lifeline to facilities and their patients.