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Empowering Life Sciences with Exceptional Talent

Your Trusted Life Sciences Staffing Partner

In the arena of Life Sciences, the need for exceptional talent is paramount. TotalMed stands at the forefront of this quest, dedicated to channeling top-tier professionals into your organization - keeping your focus on groundbreaking innovation and life-changing breakthroughs.

TotalMed’s Life Science Network - A Spectrum of Excellence

  • A thriving talent pipeline with over 300,000 candidates
  • Strong partnerships ranging from reputed Fortune 500 companies to emerging industry leaders
  • A team of 83 specialized recruiters across 6 recruiting centers

Our Recruiting Process - Tailored for Life Sciences

Gain the Competitive Edge in Life Sciences Staffing

In the challenging quest for high-caliber Life Sciences talent, TotalMed gives you a decisive advantage. Our proprietary AI technology employs advanced predictive marketing and 24/7 outreach campaigns to unearth exceptional candidates through innovative recruitment strategies. By accessing talent pools beyond the reach of other firms, we not only meet your staffing needs but also position you at the forefront of success in the competitive healthcare landscape.TotalMed’s approach to staffing is all about precision. We meticulously vet each candidate, ensuring a match that aligns with your unique needs, reflected in our low 11% attrition rate.

With us, quality staffing is about more than just qualifications; it’s about the perfect fit.

Secure Top Talent First

Laboratory Services

Laboratory Technicians, Scientists, and Biochemists who form the backbone of research and discovery.

Regulatory Affairs and Quality

Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance specialists to navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

Medical Affairs

Expertise in Medical Writing and Pharmacovigilance to safeguard patient safety and product efficacy. 

Clinical Services

From Clinical Research Associates to Project Managers, we connect you with professionals who drive clinical progress. 

Biometrics & Data Management

Precision in data interpretation through skilled Clinical Data Managers and Biostatisticians.

Empower Your Potential

Partner with us to bring your projects the talent they deserve.

Empower Your Potential

Partner with us to bring your projects the talent they deserve.