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Caregiver Spotlight – Sammy

Today is the day to show off another one of our incredible caregivers!

First name:


Current assignment:

Hendersonville, NC

Favorite place to travel:

Australia and South Korea

Favorite Restaurant:

Alo Restaurant, located in Toronto, Canada

Fun Facts:

I began solo traveling in 2017. During a solo trip to Europe in 2018, I met my now boyfriend in Madrid. In between contracts we meet up for 3-5 weeks in different countries. Most recently, we lived together in Melbourne, Australia for 4 months.

Pets/Pet or kids names:

Rocky, my 14 year old yorkie mix.

Why do you love working for TotalMed?:

TotalMed allows for me to continue solo traveling, while working as an operating room nurse. I now have the flexibility to live a life I love, without sacrificing my professional nursing career. Not only do I continually expand my cultural competence, but I constantly learn new skills and surgical services.

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