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Caregiver Spotlight – Juliet

Today we are shining the spotlight on Juliet, one of our amazing caregivers!



Current Assignment:


Favorite place to travel:

Love the mountains: Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Yellowstone Park, and Glacier Park. But then I like the ocean a little too, so Florida!

Favorite restaurant:

Oh, this is a tough one… Smokin’ in Style in Hot Springs, Ar. I have to like Texas Road House and Olive Garden

Fun facts:

I was a bus driver for 8 years. Roofed houses right after I graduated. Never thought I’d be smart enough to be a nurse.

Pets/Pet or kids names:

I have 3 kids; son, 24, daughters, 22 and 14

Why do you like working for TotalMed?

I love TotalMed because they are a great company to work for and have the best recruiter I know, Will Muncy. He’s worked so hard to place me near home. Gone above and beyond what he has to do for me. The hiring process was easy and professional. I highly recommend TotalMed.

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