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TotalMed Top Agency Awards
07/08/2024 | 3 minutes to read

At TotalMed, our unwavering commitment to putting clients first is the cornerstone of our success. From our inception, we've dedicated ourselves to connecting passionate travel health professionals with hospitals that need their expertise. TotalMed's commitment has had a substantial effect on the lives of patients, and it has also resulted in many awards and acknowledgments within the field. Here’s a glimpse of our journey and the awards that highlight TotalMed's customer-first approach.

Great Recruiters

TotalMed is proud to have received an impressive 4.86 rating based on over 10,000 reviews on Great Recruiters. This outstanding score reflects TotalMed's dedication to providing exceptional service and support to our travel healthcare professionals. In 2022, TotalMed was honored to be named the “Top Rated Health Care Staffing Firm” for both the first and second halves of the year - a testament to our consistent excellence.

Travel Nursing Central

Travel Nursing Central, a renowned platform for travel nursing agency rankings, has repeatedly recognized TotalMed for our outstanding service:

  • 2020: Silver Award
  • 2019: Silver Award
  • 2018: Gold Award (Archived)
  • 2017: Top Ten Award (Archived)
  • 2016: Top Ten Award (Archived)
  • 2015: Top Ten Award (Archived)

These awards, based on user reviews from clinicians, underscore TotalMed's commitment to meeting the needs of our travel healthcare professionals and providing them with premier opportunities.

Gypsy Nurse

The Gypsy Nurse, a trusted resource for travel nurses, has also honored TotalMed:

  • 2020: Honorable Mention (Top 10) for Most Loyal Agency, Best Career Accelerator, and Best Assignment Concierge
  • 2019: Finalists (Top 5) for Overall Best Agency, Most Loyal Agency, Best Career Accelerator, and Most Traveler-Centric Benefits

These recognitions highlight TotalMed's efforts to create a supportive and enriching environment for our travel nurses.

Highway Hypodermics

Highway Hypodermics has consistently listed TotalMed in their top rankings:

  • 2023: Number 8
  • 2022: Top 10
  • 2021: Number 8
  • 2016: Number 6
  • 2015: Number 7
  • 2014: Number 7

TotalMed's continuous presence in these rankings showcases our long-standing reputation for excellence in the travel nursing industry.


TotalMed’s performance on BluePipes further attests to our quality:

  • 2023: Number 17
  • 2021: Top 10 (Number 2)
  • 2018: Number 16
  • 2017: Number 17
  • 2014: Top 10 (Number 7)

These rankings reflect TotalMed's commitment to providing the best opportunities and support for travel nurses.

Inavero - Best of Staffing

TotalMed has been consistently recognized by Inavero for our excellence in staffing:

  • 2020: Talent and Travel
  • 2019: Talent and Travel
  • 2018: Talent and Travel
  • 2017: Talent
  • 2016: Talent and Travel
  • 2018: Allied
  • 2017: Allied

These awards highlight TotalMed's success in delivering outstanding service to both our clients and talent.

Why TotalMed?

TotalMed's numerous awards and recognitions are a testament to our dedication to excellence and to our prioritization of our travel health professionals. At TotalMed, we ensure they have the support, security, and opportunities they need to succeed.

If you’re searching for your next travel healthcare opportunity, the TotalMed team is ready to assist you in creating a long-term plan that blends security, high pay, and career advancement. We look forward to supporting you on your journey and continuing to provide the exceptional service that has earned TotalMed the trust and recognition of the industry.

Join us at TotalMed and experience the difference of a customer-first approach to travel healthcare.

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