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How to Combat Loneliness as a Travel Caregiver During the Holidays

Being a travel caregiver away on an assignment during the holidays can be lonely. Find out more about combating loneliness today.

Depending on where your assignment is, it can be difficult to see loved ones. Whether you are on your first or seventh assignment, being away from family and friends during the holidays can be hard and put a damper on your mood. No matter if you are by yourself or with fellow nurses, there are many activities to do to be around people. We have compiled a list of activities to help overcome loneliness during the holidays. Read on for more information!

Virtual Gift Exchange

One of the easiest ways to combat loneliness during the holidays is to stay connected virtually with your family and friends. Pick a date and time that works best for you and your loved ones to have a chat, dinner, or exchange gifts. For dinner, cook or order your holiday meal and eat together virtually. Same goes for gifts. Get your friends or family together and open presents. You can also look up virtual games to play together and have a game night. No matter where you are, the power of the Internet makes it easy to stay connected.


If you normally decorate your home during the holidays, decorate your new place as well. If you land an assignment during the holidays, bring your decorations with you. Unable to bring your décor? Check out local thrift stores, craft stores, or Pinterest for décor on a budget. Want to make your tree more personal? Purchase an ornament while on assignment to remember that city. Feeling crafty? Invite your fellow nurse friends over and make your own ornaments with wood slices, ornament blanks, or styrofoam.

Holiday Potluck with Fellow Caregivers

A great way to spend the holidays is with other travel caregivers! They know what it is like being away from loved ones during the holiday season. A fun way to get together is to host a holiday potluck! Have everyone pick a favorite dish of theirs during the holiday to bring. Not only will you be with others, but you will also be able to bring a piece of home with you with your favorite dish all while trying others favorite foods.

Local Events

Another easy way to combat loneliness is to attend local events. Social media is a great source to help find events to attend and meet new people. Most cities have local craft shows, free concerts, or other festivities to attend during the holidays. Attending events will help you feel more a part of the community and may even help you get in the holiday spirit!


Volunteering is a wonderful and rewarding way to give back to the community and be around others. Search online for organizations and choose one that speaks to you. Whether it be a food pantry, humane society, or a homeless shelter, take your passion and use it to help a different set of individuals in need.

Go for a Hike

No matter if you go by yourself or with a group, going for a holiday hike is always a great idea! Become one with Mother Nature to take in all she has to offer. Either search online or use the AllTrails app to find a nearby hike with gorgeous scenery. Hiking has many health benefits such as reducing stress and providing Vitamin D. Into photography? Make sure to bring your camera to take photos along the way. Whether you go on a day or overnight hike, make sure you have the proper apparel and equipment before you begin your adventure.

Go to the Movies

Several big box titles tend to be released during the holidays. Pick a movie that interests you and head to the theater after a shift or on your day off. Besides, movie theaters tend to have the best popcorn! Don’t feel like going out? Have an indoor movie night through streaming services or with the good ol’ VHS/DVD player. Invite friends over, pick up some snacks, and spend the night cuddled up in a blanket watching your favorite films.

Treat Yourself

Lastly, make sure to take some time during the holidays to take care of yourself. We all know the benefits taking care of yourself can provide, so make sure to do so. Working during the holidays can cause extra stress, so it is important to give yourself some “me” time. Go to your favorite restaurant, the spa, do some shopping, or stay indoors with a good book or movie. No matter the activity, make sure to do something you love. Be sure to leave work at work so you can fully enjoy yourself!

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