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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Travel Caregivers

As we welcome 2024, we tend to take this time to reflect on all that has happened throughout the previous year and what the future holds.
01/03/2024 | 3 minutes to read

As a travel caregiver, your year is jammed pack with exploring new cities, meeting new people, and helping patients. Having a busy year can make it difficult to create and complete resolutions. However, we have created a list of our Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Travel Caregivers that are easy to complete and can help you get the most out of your travel nursing career.

Learn/Try Something New

No matter where you are, you are bound to learn or try something new! Want to enhance the challenge? Try something new in every city you travel to for assignments. For example, have an assignment in Colorado? Learn how to ski/snowboard or try mountain biking. If you’re traveling to New York or Chicago, try their famous pizza. Wherever you end up, try something that the state or city is known for. You’ll not only enhance your knowledge of the town but feel more a part of the community!

Travel Somewhere Different

One of the top pros of a travel healthcare career is the ability to travel to new cities. For 2024, look into landing an assignment in a city or town that you have never been to. If you are originally from a southern state, try out the PNW or Midwest during the fall or wintertime to experience chilly temperatures and season changes. If you are used to big cities, try an assignment in a smaller town. Traveling to new places will provide you with new experiences, cultures, and can help you grow as an individual.

Enhance Your Skills and Education

As you advance in your travel healthcare career, so will your skills. You may learn new skills and techniques as you travel between facilities from other caregivers, advisors, and maybe even patients. You can use these new skills to help educate fellow coworkers during assignments. Along with enhancing your skills, you can also further your education. For instance, you can look into getting more certifications to help qualify for more assignments. Education is limitless as you continue your career. Learning new skills or earning more certifications will help you become the best nurse you can possibly be!

Take Care of Yourself

As a travel caregiver, it is important to take some time to care for yourself. Whether you decide to stay in for the day catching up on your favorite show or going out to explore the town, make sure to have some “me” time. Other examples include spending the day at the spa or going on a hike to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. No matter the activity, do something that interests you and put your work worries behind you. Taking care of yourself can help reduce stress, boost energy, and increase productivity.

Create a Travel Journal

This resolution is not only fun, but a great way to remember your assignments. Start with a blank journal with either blank or lined pages, and begin jotting down your favorite memories from your assignments. If you love art and photography, try adding some drawings or photos to your journal. You can purchase polaroid printers that hook up to your phone for prints. Your journal can consist of anything that is memorable to you! Some examples include your favorite restaurants, hiking trails, shops, or even patients. Another idea is using a daily or weekly planner to jot down good things that happened. Having a travel journal of some sort is a great way to look back on your adventures and remember happy times when things get tough.

Join TotalMed

For a bonus resolution, look into joining TotalMed for your next travel assignment. Our company truly cares about you and will be with you every step of the way throughout your travel healthcare career. At TotalMed, we treat everyone like family, and will forever be your cheerleader. We want to see you succeed and land assignments in a city you love. Our recruiters love what they do and are always ready to help! We love seeing our caregivers having a blast and going on adventures during their travels. We have thousands of jobs available throughout the US. Let us help you land your dream assignment in 2024!

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