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Dave Barse

Vice President

Dave has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence since joining the company in 2008, he currently holds the esteemed position of Senior Vice President to the Clinical Healthcare Divisions. His dynamic leadership style, fueled by boundless energy and an unwavering pursuit of excellence, serves as a beacon of inspiration for his team. Rather than being solely focused on short-term goals, Dave prioritizes the cultivation of enduring relationships and strategic visioning for the future.

An advocate for urgency and passion in the workplace, Dave finds inspiration in those who exhibit a relentless drive to excel in their roles. Over the years, he has cultivated a track record of success in fostering employee engagement at all levels of the organization, utilizing continuous coaching and mentorship to develop high-performing teams. Dave is renowned for his ability to motivate his team to surpass expectations, consistently pushing the boundaries of conventional solutions and championing innovative approaches to problem-solving. Dave firmly believes that a strong work ethic, unwavering professional integrity, and a commitment to ongoing learning and adaptation are indispensable qualities for achieving success in the fast-paced world of business.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Dave finds immense joy in his personal life.  He cherishes spending quality time with his wife and two children. Weekends are often filled with family outings, where Dave can be found grilling, enjoying poolside fun, or enthusiastically cheering on his children at their various sporting events. Dave's also loves to travel, and he relishes the opportunity to explore new destinations with his loved ones. Some of his favorite vacation spots, including Wisconsin Dells, Minocqua, Minnesota, Disney World, and Mexico. Additionally, Dave's passion for golf, honed during his time as a Division I collegiate player, remains a prominent aspect of his life. Whenever he has the chance, Dave eagerly takes to the green, reveling in the tranquility and camaraderie that the sport offers.