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5 Reasons to Take Your Next Travel Nursing Assignment in New York

Time for a new adventure? Think New York! The Empire State has so much to offer travel nurses in terms of location, activities, and everything Manhattan. If the Big Apple is too hectic for your travel sensibilities, fear not, there are plenty of other cities with hospitals that need hard-working nurses like you. Here are 5 reasons you need New York on your travel list.

It has competitive nursing salaries

Countless people have come through New York to start a better life for themselves, and you could be next. New York has some great positions with competitive salaries. Check out these recent salaries:

  • ER: $1500/week
  • ICU: $1300/week
  • L&D: $1600/week

It has a ton of nature to explore

That’s right — New York is more than its famous urban metropolis. There is an entire state to enjoy. If you love the mountains, the Adirondacks are beautiful and hold hidden gems like Old Forge and 1,000 islands. Hike the trails of the Albany Pine Bush, an area of land and resources that Native Americans used for thousands of years. Take in the majestic view of Niagara Falls with some of your New York nurse friends.

It has New York City

Even if you’re working outside the Big Apple, you’ll want to visit the city at least once. NYC is the center of culture and commerce in America, and there are infinite possibilities for travel nurses looking to kick back, sightsee, or enjoy a slice. Animal lovers can visit the Bronx Zoo. If you like theatre, you can check what’s playing on Broadway, Off-Broadway, or Off-Off-Broadway. Laugh off your workday stress at the Comedy Cellar or get excited as an audience member during a show taping.  

It has epic food

New York has some of the best food and high-class restaurants in the world, but there are some staples that you must try at least twice. Oh, and bonus if you’re in NYC: you can get your favorite food delivered at almost any time of day. (We’re looking at you, night shift champions!)

Start your morning off right with a bagel and schmear. The selections at Ess-a-Bagel, Bagel Hole, and Tompkins Square Bagels will not disappoint. And even if you’re not in NYC, many of these places will ship bagels to you, so you can have a taste of NYC wherever you are.

When it’s brunch time, Eggs Benedict is a given. It was invented in NYC.

For lunch, head on over to Katz’s Deli (est. 1888!) and get the pastrami, or if the line’s too long, Second Ave Deli will hit the spot.  

For your late night food fix, buffalo wings are the way to go. Head over to Anchor Bar, where they were first created.

It has more pizza than you could ever dream of

Then there’s the pizza, which needed its own category. New York has pizza that you can fold in half and eat with one hand while you’re on the go. You’ll be hard pressed to find the answer to “Who has the best NY pizza?” so you’ll just have to try as much as you can. We can tell you that Joe’s Pizza, Di Fara Pizza, and Sal and Carmine’s Pizza consistently rank at the top of most “best pizza” lists.  

Are you in an Empire State of mind? Check our latest listings.

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