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5 Insider Tips for Travel Nurses

Rob Neuville has spent the last 6 years at TotalMed working with clinicians and clients. Working to make sure he keeps his clients in the forefront has earned him the position of Business Development Manager – Team Lead. With his broad view of working with travelers and facilities, we asked him to share some tips that travel clinicians should keep in mind during these challenging times.

1. Be willing to work at hospitals/cities outside of the ones you are interested in. You maybe surprised and absolutely love that assignment. For example, there are a lot of smaller cities and hospitals that although may not be able to meet the same pay requirements as bigger facilities, but you can reap in high job satisfaction. They are incredibly appreciative to have you at their facility.

2. Look for positions that will help you boost your resume. For instance taking a job at a busy inner-city hospital demonstrates that you can handle tough challenges in future assignments.

3. Make sure you are with a staffing agency you can trust. Do your research and have conversations on specific agencies. It’s important to pick 2-3 agencies you trust, and stick with them to ensure you always have a job lined up after an assignment is completed. You need to have a strong personal relationship with your staffing agency.

4. Communicate frequently with your recruiter. If they call you, make sure you respond right away. They have their fingers on the pulse of what is going on, and they have your back. Your recruiter is there to take care of you.

5. Partner with your recruiter. Beyond just communication, make sure you partner with your recruiter so they can find you what you’re looking for in a new position and keep you abreast of changes that may be happening in the industry or facility that you need to be aware of.

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