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10 Benefits of Travel Nursing to a Small Town

During your travel nursing career, there may be times when a contract in your specialty is only available in a smaller town near the big city of your choice. While many nurses want to travel to the big cities and facilities, smaller hospitals need help too. Sure, there are some downfalls of working in a small town such as lower pay, but there are many benefits. We have compiled a list of our top ten pros to small town living to help convince you to try a small town for your next assignment.

1 – More Open Positions

If you are new to travel nursing, it may be difficult for you to find contracts in the city or facility of your choice. Most big city hospitals are looking for well experienced nurses and may look over those just starting out. Contracts in larger towns tend to get filled quicker than smaller town contracts do. However, smaller towns tend to have more contracts available. As a travel nurse, keep an open mind and do not be afraid to try out a small town. You can always visit the city on your days off to explore!

2 – Shorter Commute

One of the top benefits of living in a small town is the shorter commute. Whether it be going to work, grocery store, or the local farmers market, it will only take a few minutes to get there. If you were to be placed in a bigger city, your commute could be anywhere from thirty minutes to over an hour. The bigger the city, the more traffic you will have to deal with going to and from places. If you are staying in a smaller town during warmer seasons, you may decide to walk or bike around town instead. What a great way to exercise and get some Vitamin D!

3 – Lower Cost of Living

While pay may be lower when it comes to working at a small-town facility, the cost of living tends to be lower as well. Grocery and gas prices are typically less than in the city. Plus, with a shorter commute, you will not be spending as much on gas as you would if you stayed in a bigger town. More than likely, you will get more bang for your buck when it comes to living in a small town compared to the city.

4 – Mom and Pop Shops

One of the greatest things about a small town is the local shops. Not only do mom and pop shops bring that small town charm, but also shopping small helps support the community. You can learn a lot about the town through meeting owners of local shops. More than likely they have been there for many years and can tell you stories about how the town developed over time.

5 – Better Food

Believe it or not, small towns tend to have better food than bigger cities. Bigger cities may have fancier restaurants with Michelin stars, but you will only get home cooking in smaller towns. Most small-town restaurants are run by the same owners for years who have secret recipes that have been passed down for generations. If your next assignment is in a small town, try new restaurants that are not a franchise. Learn about the community and culture of the town through these restaurants and new dishes.

6 – Local Events / Traditions

Another wonderful thing about small towns are the local events. Most towns have fairs and festivals throughout the year to celebrate seasons, holidays, or traditions. Events in smaller towns typically mean fewer people too. You can be sure to enjoy the event with it being less crowded. Attending these events is also a fun way to get to know the town, learn their traditions, and meet new people.

7 – Small Town Hospitality

There is nothing better than small town charm. Being a part of a welcoming and close-knit community can help with homesickness and loneliness if your assignment is far away from home. If your next assignment is in a small town, get to know the people. Whether it be at the restaurants, boutiques, or even in the grocery store, do not be afraid to meet the town folks and build relationships with them. Who knows? You may even end up extending your contract or coming back for a mini vacation after your assignment ends.

8 – Bigger Cities to Visit

Another benefit of small towns is that you can easily visit the nearby cities. If you wind up in a smaller town close to the big city of your original choosing, go and visit it on your day off. Take some friends or co-workers that you have met and spend the day in the city. If you are newer to the bigger city, research it beforehand to see what sites or restaurants you would like to visit. Most contracts are 13 weeks, so you are bound to have plenty of time to check out the larger cities nearby.

9 – Peaceful / Less Stress

Moving to the big cities means more noise, more people, and more traffic. If you happen to not do well in crowded places, taking an assignment in a bigger city may not be for you. One of the many benefits of a small town is less population, less traffic, and way less noise. Traveling to work without traffic makes for a stress-free commute. Being able to spend your days outside without the noise of busy streets can be relaxing. All in all, you have more peace in small towns than in the larger cities.

10 – Closer to Nature

Our last benefit of small-town living is being close to nature. While the city life is always on the go, somedays you may want to get away and spend some time in Mother Nature. With little to no skyscrapers, you will have more views of open fields. Unlike the city, you can take advantage of parks, hiking trails, or recreation centers. Bonus if your town is near a lake or ocean for other activities such as kayaking or fishing. Lastly, you have a better view of the night sky. City lights take away from the shining stars, while being in a small town gives you a stunning view of our galaxy.

While there are some cons to small town living, we hope our list helps ease any worries you may have if assigned to a small town. Small towns are amazing and hold so much history. We hope after reading this that you consider a small town for your next assignment.

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