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What should I be asking in an Interview?

What questions should I ask in a Travel Nursing Interview?

Recruiters are often asked by the nurses they work with what questions they should ask in their phone interviews.

Once you’ve landed that coveted phone interview, we’ll make sure you’re covered with a list of questions to choose from!

Here are the questions you can ask:

  • Does your unit frequently use travelers?
  • What is the staffing ratio of your unit?
  • Is floating required? If so do travel nurses float first or is it in rotation with your staff?
  • Is overtime available?
  • Is on call required?
  • How long is orientation?
  • Can you verify the shift for me?
  • What charting system do you use?
  • What is your break policy?
  • As a traveler will I ever be expected to act as Charge Nurse?

Did you get offered the job on the spot?! Great work!! Here are some follow up questions:

  • What is the scrub color for your unit?
  • Can you confirm the orientation/start date?
  • Can you confirm you have my dates off as x-x?

Don’t forget to thank them for their time and let them know you look forward to meeting them in person soon!