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The Ultimate Travel Nursing Tax Deductions List

Disclaimer: We’re not accountants or lawyers and the information provided here is based on a layperson’s perspective on travel nursing taxes. For tax advice, please consult an accountant, like the experts at

You know that you can make good money by having a tax home and earning untaxed income on your assignments. You can also save yourself tons in taxes by keeping good track of what’s deductible. Here’s the ultimate travel nursing tax deductions list.

Career Expenses

Education costs
Mandatory education costs
Career development costs
CEU costs
Student loan interest

Other career expenses
Licensing fees
Union dues
Books and periodicals
Malpractice insurance
Job search costs

Travel-related Expenses

Driving costs
Car maintenance

Transportation costs
Car rental and gas in a rental car
Train, airplane, bus and other travel fare
Passport, if needed for assignment

Domestic Expenses

Housing and meals
Hotels on the road
Related taxes

Uniform expenses
Other work-related clothing and shoes
Dry cleaning and laundry

Cell phone expenses
Internet access
Computer costs and maintenance

Miscellaneous Expenses

Charitable donations
Printing and copying
Legal and professional services, such as tax preparation fees
Employer-mandated medical exams
Breach of contract fees
Contributions to state disability funds

Download a copy of this checklist here.

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