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Traveling Nursing Advice from Senior Recruiter, Dan

Travel healthcare can be a difficult industry to work for, and at time it can be overwhelming. Lucky for you, we have some amazing recruiters that have given great advice when working as a travel caregiver.

Dan is here to give you some advice on the travel nursing industry.

  • Best advice I can give is: Find someone you can trust, respect, and has a good knowledge and understanding of the industry. This person might not always be the person with the highest paying contract, but having someone who understands the industry, is willing to tell you some things that you don’t want to hear, and is there to support you and advocate for you when needed is well worth its weight in gold.
  • The second would be: Give, what you expect. Meaning, if you want someone to communicate with you regularly, communicate regularly. If you want someone to respect you, give respect. We are all human, and traveling is a team game. When both parties are working together, both can win. But if both people aren’t giving mutual respect and expectations, problems will likely arise.

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