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Traveling Nursing Advice from Senior Recruiter, Alexis

Travel healthcare can be a difficult industry to work for, and at time it can be overwhelming. Lucky for you, we have some amazing recruiters that have given great advice when working as a travel caregiver. Alexis is here to give you great advice during this pandemic:

Alright y’all, we have minimal 4-5 months left of this flat lining. Here are a few things to put into perspective! I’m told we have around 400-500 jobs at the moment. At any given time, we normally have around 2500 jobs. Recruiters are afraid to go to the BATHROOM right now fearing a job would post and we will be 3 minutes behind.  This time last year, Kaiser had 4 times this many jobs. Healthtrust is basically non-existent right now despite our hard work for Tier 1 status. Our own MSP has roughly 10 jobs

Right now we are revamping our system to ensure that we are up to date, remaining competitive, and are doing everything we can to get YOU back to work!

My best advice right now from what I’m seeing:

  • If you can EXTEND, DO IT. if you can buy some time right now, that is the best decision. New contracts are risky, but if we don’t extend, it’s a risk we take.
  • Stay creative!!! Are you ICU and willing to do PCU? are you ER willing to do a clinic or med surg? P-I-V-O-T!! are you a local only willing to go out further?

Trying to stay positive out there and know that I am here to listen, vent to, battle plan with, etc! I know times are extremely tough but we all have to do our part to fight the fight in our own respective arenas. Thank you, to every clinician mustering through this with us.


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