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5 Things You’ll Love About Travel Nursing in Sacramento

It’s a bit of an understatement to say California has a lot to offer travel nurses. Sacramento is no different. It’s a place where travel nurses can revisit history, attend numerous festivals, and eat their weight in tomatoes. Here are 5 reasons to put California’s capital on your travel nursing bucket list.   

You’ll love the salary

You’ve probably heard by now that California is a top spot for travel nurses. Why? Because of how they treat their nurses. We’re talking state laws mandating staffing ratios and taking your breaks — for real! Oh, and of course, the great salaries. Here are some recent Sacramento wages:

  • Med-Surg/Tele – $2,457 gross weekly
  • PCU/ICU/NICU – $2,582 gross weekly
  • L&D/Postpartum – $2,331 gross weekly

You’ll be immersed in history

California’s capital city is very proud of its history and heritage, particularly during the California Gold Rush. Old Sacramento is a 28-acre historic landmark with buildings from the mid-1800s where you can do your shopping, grab a bite to eat, and learn about life during the Pony Express. Be sure to check out Gold Rush Days where the streets are filled with costumed actors and live entertainment. For those who can’t get enough historical performances, the Sacramento Shakespeare Festival might be just what you need.

You’ll be surrounded by arts and culture

Speaking of Shakespeare, Sacramento has a lively theatre scene. Sacramento Theatre Company has something for everybody: musicals, new and classic plays, and shows for children. See world premieres of 7 plays each year at B Street Theatre.

This city has festivals and cultural events throughout the year, including two that have been returning for decades: the Sacramento Pow Wow and the Sacramento Scandinavian Festival.

Art enthusiasts will love to get lost at the Crocker Art Museum. Check out the State Indian Museum to learn about the native people’s perspectives on Nature, Spirit, and Family. You also can learn more about California history at the California Museum. Their slogan is “I am California.” Now say it in former Governor Schwarzenegger’s voice. You’re welcome.

You’ll be full

We know nurses love to eat, and Sacramento has a lot to offer. Breakfast buffs will not want to miss out on The Waffle Experience. And while it may seem obvious to find food in The Kitchen, in Sacramento, The Firehouse offers five-star dining.

If you love bananas and tomatoes, you’re in the right place. The Sacramento Banana Festival is a multicultural feast celebrating this versatile food. And tomatoes are such a big deal in this city, it’s sometimes called Sacratomato. It’s got its own juice and everything. If you need more variety in how you take your tomatoes, the Sacratomato Festival has you covered.   

You’ll be a kid again

Who says you have to grow up? Grab a group of nursing friends and revisit your childhood. Combine your smarts on a scavenger hunt that is also a three-hour tour of the city. Visit some familiar characters in Fairytale Town. See exotic animals at the Sacramento Zoo. And cool off in the Raging Waters. It will be a nice escape before you have to re-enter adulthood on your next shift.  

Are you ready to experience all Sacramento has to offer? Check our current openings.

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