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Find Food, Festivals, and Fun Travel Nursing in Fresno

Fresno provides the fun, connections, and amenities of a city without some of the hassles of a giant metropolis. Travel nursing in Fresno could be just the contract you’ve been waiting for. Here’s why.

Find a phenomenal salary

It’s no secret that California has the best travel nursing wages. In addition to that, there are mandates for staffing ratios and required breaks. Are you ready for great working conditions and a competitive salary? Here’s a sample of recent travel nurse pay packages in Fresno:

  • Med-Surg/Tele – $2,471 gross weekly
  • PCU/ICU/NICU – $2,555 gross weekly
  • L&D/Postpartum – $2,303 gross weekly

Find your food fix

Fresno County is the nation’s top spot for agriculture, so you’ll be in heaven shopping for local produce at the Vineyard Farmer’s Market. When you’re hungry for a taste of Italy, Sam’s Italian Deli has you covered. Fresno is famous for its tri-tip, and Mike’s Grill is the best place to get it.

And when you just need a quick snack on your shift, reach for that familiar red Sun-Maid box and remember that the raisin industry was born here, too!

Find yourself in nature

As we’ve previously discussed, California is a nature lover’s paradise, and Fresno is no different. Explore the hand-dug Forestiere Underground Gardens. Bird watch and walk the trails of Woodward Park. Find your zen after a long work week at the Shinzen Friendship Garden. And don’t forget to take a boat tour or swim at Millerton Lake.

Find your cultural side

Though Fresno may not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of California culture, it has tons to offer. Release your stress and rock out at a concert at Fulton 55. Learn about culture, history, and art at Arte Américas, the Fresno Art Museum, and the African-American Historical & Cultural Museum. Catch a live show at the iconic Warnors Center for the Performing Arts. And meet some new friends at the twice-monthly Art Hop as you tour art galleries and enjoy new works.

Find a festival to attend

Oh yes, there are fests here year round, so there will be at least one happening during your 13 weeks. Indulge in gyros and baklava at California’s premier Greek Fest, or find some falafel and kebabs at the Armenian Festival. Enjoy tons of live acts at the Hmong Music Festival. See various types of live performances at the fringe-style Rogue Festival. Kearney Park is home to the Renaissance Fair and Pirate Festival, so be sure to invite your fellow nurses, savvy?

Are you ready to find your next assignment in Fresno? Check out our current openings.

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