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Why Travel Nurses Should Work in Washington

Washington is the state of Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing, but it also has some amazing mountain views that you don’t even have to zip up the Space Needle to see. The Pacific Northwest is great for nurses who can’t decide if they like the country or the city better — because Washington offers you both! Here are five reasons to take your wanderlust to Washington.

Wages you’ll want to work for

The Pacific Northwest is a hip, happening place right now. Once you see these recent travel salaries, you too will want to work in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Tele: $1900/ week
  • L&D: $1950/ week
  • Cath Lab: $2000/week

Wine and dine on (very) local foods

With more than 300 breweries and hundreds Starbucks in the state, you’ll never be thirsty! You can also spend a day with travel friends touring the wineries in Washington. Fruit fiends will love living in Washington, where it leads the nation in apple production (apples are all hand-picked!) and also pears, cherries, blueberries, and raspberries. Fruit crisp, anyone? You can get a full dining experience at these farm-to-table restaurants.   

And for when you want to make a really big omelette, head on over to Long Beach. They’ve got one of the world’s largest frying pans. Bon appétit!

Work hard, play hard

While you might be tempted to sit at home and binge Seattle-based Grey’s Anatomy every weekend, Washington has way too much happening for you to stay home. With 4 museums plus the Space Needle, Seattle Center is a one-stop shop for culture hounds. For those who want to escape the city life, the San Juan Islands have boating, whale watching, and even zip-lining for nurses who don’t get enough of an adrenaline rush on the job. Your stay in Washington would not be complete without finding your favorite live music venue. After all, legends like Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, and the entire grunge movement were born here.

Walk up the mountains

If you’ve ever wanted to take up hiking, Washington is the state to do it. Once you get started, you’ll want to climb every mountain! The Cascade Mountain Range covers much of the state, and there are even volcanoes! Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980, and now it’s a popular climbing spot. And then there is the majestic Mount Rainier, which is a volcano covered by a massive system of glaciers! And yes, you can hike it. There is a variety of trail lengths and altitudes to choose from. And if that’s not enough snow for you, Mount Baker is a great place for skiing, snowboarding, and even sledding.   

Wander the woods

It’s pretty obvious why Washington is called The Evergreen State. There are over 22 million acres of forest in the state. Nurses who love to wander in nature can walk the 3 miles of trails in Gingko Petrified Forest. Saddle up and ride through the trails at Washington State Horse Park. Walk through a lava tube in the Ape Caves. Hike, bike, or ride through the many miles of trails at Beacon Rock State Park. And last, but certainly not least, escape to the Olympic National Park & Forest. You’ll want to be there for a few days to take it all in.

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