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TotalMed Travel Nurse Assignment Challenge

TotalMed Travel Nurse Assignment Challenge

Deciding to take that leap from nurse to travel nurse can be frightening and overwhelming. At TotalMed, we are
here for you to help your transition go smoothly! As a travel nurse, you may step out of your comfort zone
when traveling to a new city, living in a new home, or working in a new facility. However, during your
assignment, take some time to check out the new town, meet new people, and try new things. We have
created 10 challenges for you to complete before your assignment ends to help you make the most out of this

1 – Try a New Local Restaurant Once a Month

No matter where your assignment is, there are bound to be a few local restaurants. Trying local restaurants will
not only support the community, but help you learn about the culture and what foods locals indulge in. You may
even find your next favorite dish! Several small restaurants have recipes that have been passed down for
generations. These special recipes are what makes local restaurants so much better than franchises.

2 – Hike 5 Trails

Along with exercise, hiking has many other health benefits such as boosting mood, relieving stress, and
providing Vitamin D. Spend a few of your days off exploring new trails around the area and seeing new
stunning views. Take photos during your hike to document your favorite views. Not sure what trails are around
the area? Download the AllTrails app to view nearby hikes and their distance, elevation gain, and trailhead

3 – Meet 10 New People

This challenge may be difficult if you are an introvert but do your best to meet new people during your
assignment. Do not be afraid to get acquainted with your neighbors and coworkers. They can provide
suggestions on restaurants to try or sites to see during your stay. Having new friends can also help curb
loneliness if you are far away from home. TotalMed has hundreds of travel nurses throughout the country, so
you may end up meeting another traveler along the way!

4 – Learn a New Skill or Procedure at Work

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving. One of the benefits of travel nursing is working in new facilities
and learning their techniques. You are bound to learn a new skill or procedure during your assignment. If there
is a skill or procedure that interests you, ask your coworker or manager to train you. Take your new skills and
apply them to your next assignment. You may even teach your coworkers these new procedures and help
expand their skillset.

5 – Try a New Mode of Transportation

Depending on your hometown, you may encounter new modes of transportation in your new city. Taking the
bus, subway, or train to get to work is a great way to meet new people and learn about the community. If
available, try a guided tour or horse-drawn carriage ride on your day off to learn and explore your new town.

6 – Go to a Local Event

Local events are not only a great form of entertainment but can help you learn about the community. Some
events include festivals, farmers markets, craft shows, or local music. Before beginning your assignment,
check out the events your town has to offer to see which ones you might be interested in attending.

7 – Volunteer

As a travel nurse, you already have a passion for helping people, why not volunteer? Spend some of your days
off volunteering at a soup kitchen, animal shelter, or cleaning the town. Volunteering will help you meet locals,
learn more about the community, and offer an even greater sense of reward for helping those in need. Choose
an organization that is important to you and get involved.

8 – Take on a New Hobby

One benefit of travel nursing is exploring new cities. As you learn about your new town, you will learn about
what activities are popular in the area. Join a hiking club in Colorado, go mountain biking in Maine, horseback
riding in Texas, or learn how to surf in Hawaii. Take advantage of your assignment and try something new to
become a part of the town. If you fall in love with the town, you might end up extending your contract or visiting
in the future for vacation.

9 – Be a Tourist for a Day

While many of the challenges above tie into this challenge, being a tourist is a fun way to learn about the city.
Take a day shopping downtown, visiting popular sites, or trying new restaurants. Talk to locals or take a tour to
learn about the history of the town and how it came to be. Purchase souvenirs or take photos of your journey to
remember your stay. If you are working with other travel nurses, explore the town together. Create friendships
along the way to enhance your experience.

10 – Reconnect with an Old Friend or Family Member

During your 13-week assignment, you will have many new experiences. As life gets busy, we tend to separate
from friends and family. Spend some of your free time catching up with an old friend or relative either by phone
or in person depending on your location. Talk to them about your journey, what new skills you have learned, or
your favorite new restaurants. Connecting with friends or family can also help you during times of feeling
homesick or loneliness.
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