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TotalMed Secures Top Spots in Highway Hypodermics Top Ten 2021 List

January 25, 2021. It is with great pleasure that we announce our Top Ten status with Highway Hypodermics for 2021. TotalMed is committed to supporting our amazing travel healthcare professionals and we are thrilled you have voted us into a Top Ten spot.

Being a top 10 travel company is not easily accomplished and something that we, at TotalMed, take great pride in. Companies nominated were compared based on actual traveler reviews and benefits offered by these agencies. Highway Hypodermics takes pride in this list; they check email validity and track IP addresses to ensure the highest level of integrity.

Maintaining a top 10 travel company status is not an easy feat, and companies nominated are compared based on actual travel staff reviews and information submitted by the recruiting agency. There are three requirements to be a Top Ten Company:

  1. Have to have at least 20 company evaluations.
  2. Must have an updated list of your benefits.
  3. Must have an updated company profile.

“TotalMed would like to honor all of our travel healthcare professionals who stepped up in the unprecedented challenges of 2021. Their compassion and service give us great pride in the services we offer to our healthcare clients. We thank you and are thrilled to be on the top 10 list once again!” – Jason Beck, Owner/President of TotalMed.

“As 2020 has shown us, nursing is one of the most essential, impactful, and important careers that exist. To be nominated to Highway Hypodermics Top Ten list is an honor that reconfirms that our core value of improving lives continues to remain at the center of our business. We look forward to continuing helping the frontline heroes of healthcare make a positive difference in the world.” – Tom Horan, VP of Recruitment

About TotalMed

TotalMed is a Top Ten, travel nursing and healthcare staffing agency with the mission of igniting purpose in healthcare. The organization staffs nurses, therapists, pharmacists, and other clinicians of all specialties in all 50 states. They offer local and travel jobs and match caregivers with the right organization to assist both facilities and patients. As an organization, they focus on putting highly-skilled staff into facilities to ensure adequate staffing for a better patient experience.

TotalMed specializes in recruiting and placing healthcare professionals in travel, PRN, and permanent positions across the country in Nursing and Allied Health. Throughout 2020, the organization filled roles at even the most short-staffed facilities during the most challenging time in healthcare. By matching the right travel healthcare professional with the right organization, TotalMed continues to offer a lifeline to facilities and their patients.

Download a PDF version of this release.