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TotalMed & COVID-19

The effects of COVID-19 have been drastic to the healthcare industry, making it challenging for hospitals and medical staffing agencies to predict what’s next. While electives are starting to open back up, the ramp up is slow. Patients are leery of seeking healthcare or have lost their health insurance and can’t afford it. Hospitals and travel clinicians are both feeling the effects.

To help make sure their clients and clinicians are cared for, TotalMed Staffing has been diligently communicating with them during this challenging time. TotalMed works closely with MSPs to understand their needs and utilizes their strong recruiter team to maintain tight relationships with their large database of clinicians.  While many companies are floundering during this time, TotalMed has taken the opportunity to improve how they do business.

Because TotalMed has a number of divisions, the company was able to pivot and redeploy their recruitment staff, expanding their skill sets and making them more versatile. “We did not have to furlough our staff. We haven’t cut back. We redeployed the resources we have to meet the needs we have,” says Dave Barse, Vice President of the Clinical Healthcare Division. This is reinforced by the CEO of TotalMed, Sejal Shah.  “Sejal’s initiative is that everyone is still employed, and we don’t make cuts.”

TotalMed also shifted to a remote workforce. Although it’s a big change for the company, it’s one that is paying off.  With the shift to working remote, “Our engagement went up. Job satisfaction went up. Everyone was eager and excited,” Barse stated. This satisfaction with the company helps keep turnover down and creates long-term relationships between recruiters and clinicians.

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