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The Top Travel Nursing Articles of 2017

Here are the most popular travel nursing articles of 2017.

Interview with Joseph Smith, Founder of TravelTax on Travel Nurse Tax Challenges, Best Practices, and Ways to Maximize Your Salary

We met with Joseph Smith, the founder of TravelTax, to discuss the ins and outs of travel nurse taxes. He discussed tax challenges you may face, best practices, and ways to maximize your earnings.

How to Sail Through an IRS Audit: A Guide for Travel Nurses

May you never have to endure the arduous process of an IRS audit. It’s like getting blood drawn: no one’s favorite activity. And while audits can affect (or afflict) less than 1% of the population, unfortunately, it is true that travel nurses can have a higher chance of getting audited. This article helps you prepare for the day you hope never arrives.

50 Secrets to Maximizing Your Travel Nurse Salary

You likely chose travel nursing because of the adventure and the unique opportunities to go places. But at the end of the day, you work hard for the money. Here are 50 ways to make your paycheck go the extra mile.

7 Habits of Highly Successful Travel Nurses

From our interviews with travel nurses, we’ve learned how they prepare for their new assignments, how they stay open-minded and teachable, who they lean on for support, and more. Check out our 7 Habits of Highly Successful Travel Nurses eBook to learn tricks of the trade from experienced travel nurses.  

How Tiffany Cash Got Out of Her Comfort Zone and Into Travel Nursing

We sat down with some stellar travel nurses and asked them about the challenges and triumphs they’ve experienced. Tiffany Cash reveals how she got out of her comfort zone, what she’s learned from other cultures, and how she stays connected with her family back home.

Looking for more great resources? Check out our most popular download: Travel Nursing Taxes: How It All Works.

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