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Top 5 Most-Read Travel Nursing Articles of 2018

It’s that time of year, when we look back on the best of the best of the year, for everything from books to movies to nursing scrubs.

Here are the top 5 travel nursing articles from 2018.

“You Have No Idea What a Miracle This Woman Is” — Support a Fellow TotalMed Nurse This Nurses Week

This Nurses Week, we highlighted a story of one nurse, who, like a lot of you out there, has spent her whole life helping other people. She needed your help — and many of you reached out.

Nurse Darla has been in the healthcare industry for nearly 20 years, first as a nurses aide, and then as a lab tech. She started travel nursing after her parents passed away, which was just a few years ago. “I only wish I had started traveling sooner,“ she says.

She was first diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 35. “It was such a shock — I didn’t smoke, I didn’t have a family history of cancer. It just came out of the blue,” Darla says. She battled her disease and was in remission for 11 years. When the cancer came back, Darla fought it again.

Read her story here.

25 Money-Saving Tips for Travel Nurses

Freedom. Adventure. Lucrative opportunities. Your decision to become a travel nurse shows you appreciate the best qualities a career can offer. These traits go hand-in-hand with savvy decision-making and frugality. How do you get the most out of your time and money?

Here are 25 tips for stretching your funds and finding great deals while you’re on the road.

2018 Travel Nursing Salary Guide: Everything You Need to Know

We know that salary is a top concern for travel nurses. With that in mind, we’ve revamped our salary guide to include more resources. Ready to maximize your travel nurse salary? Download 2018 Travel Nursing Salary Guide: Everything You Need to Know now.

7 Salary Mistakes That Cost Travel Nurses

Travel nursing is a uniquely rewarding profession — you know you’re uniquely qualified to do it. Your pay and benefits should reflect that. By avoiding common salary mistakes, you can make sure you’re getting all you deserve.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 biggest salary mistakes to watch out for.

10 Tips for Negotiating a Higher Travel Nursing Salary

If you’ve ever felt shy about asking for a little more pay, you’re not alone. In fact, fewer than 4 out of 10 workers negotiate their salaries when starting a new position. Don’t be afraid to explore your options when you receive an offer from your recruiter. You’ll never know what you can get if you don’t ask! These tips can help you chart the course to effective negotiation.

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