What People Have To Say

Steve Swan

Chief Information Officer

Steve became TotalMed’s Chief Information Officer in 2017 when TotalMed acquired Valley Healthcare. Before that, Steve founded Valley Healthcare and served as its COO for 15 years. At Valley, he created applications that automated historically manual and labor-intensive processes, and he will continue to find innovative solutions and automate to maximize efficiency in his role at TotalMed.

Steve is an enthusiastic leader who considers culture and job satisfaction to be the foundation of a cohesive team whose members understand, and believe in, the organization’s vision. I serve you so we can serve others is his mantra. He subscribes to the tenets and principles found in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, The Ideal Team Player, The “One” Thing, The Innovator’s Dilemma, and, of course, Traction.

Somehow, he convinced his wife, Heather, to marry him 22 years ago. They have a son, Conner, who is in his third year at Cal Berkeley. He is studying Computer Science and will graduate in 2019 — and will then be off the family payroll. Steve also serves in the California Army National Guard as a company commander for HHD, 223rd RTI in Camp San Luis Obispo.