Stephen Harpster

Chief Technology Officer

Stephen Harpster recently joined the TotalMed team as the Chief Technology Officer.

Steve is passionate about how technology can enhance the human experience within healthcare.  He strives to create the best balance of self-serve, easy and intuitive solutions that bring together healthcare providers to patients.  This experience centric mindset is applied across the candidate, internal TotalMed employees and clients journeys every day.

Steve thinks like an engineer, always looking to optimize how folks get work done.  He is a continual change agent driving adoption of new ways to do things to deliver time back to key stakeholders within the business. Building long term value in a team environment is key.

Steve has been married to his wife for over 17 years and has three teenagers, a boy and twin girls.  He spends most of his time with his active family attending Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, and Track and Field events.  For fun he plays roller hockey and enjoys woodworking.