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Standing for Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion continues to be at the top of our minds across the nation.  This applies to the healthcare industry and to TotalMed Staffing.  As a minority owned company, TotalMed has always focused on hiring “the right people, regardless of race, color, creed, whatever the case may be,” Sejal Shah, CEO of TotalMed shared.  But that doesn’t mean that TotalMed doesn’t want to take the conversation further.

Sejal utilized the Totalmed culture and the platform of leadership to open a conversation of diversity and inclusion with the team. Totalmed does not want to get stuck in a “comfortable zone, so to speak. I would say we have a pretty diverse workforce. I think the last six months have shown that you can always do more.”  Sejal shared that during this time, the company decided to “be more forward and proactive. Let’s try to create a safer environment for people to say what they’re thinking, to ask those uncomfortable questions.”

Sejal continued, “It’s unfortunate right now. I feel like it’s a very tough time to talk because there is a big movement towards suppression of speech.  A lot of people have questions, but they’re afraid to ask because they’re afraid to be condemned.”  To approach this challenge, TotalMed has formed a diversity and inclusion committee to promote conversations across the company.  “It’s not done in one big group.  It’s done in small groups.  We started with the top, and then worked our way to the different teams.  It’s still in progress, but it’s something we’re trying.”

TotalMed understands that change takes time, but the goal is to create “comfortable zones for people to ask those questions.  Thankfully, we have a ton of people who are willing to talk about it.”  The TotalMed culture is one that allows their teams to take initiative, ask the tough questions, and move the discussion forward.

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