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Rising to the Challenge

As we wrap up 2020, we look back on a year that has stretched and challenged us to new levels. Now, with COVID-19 surging again in our medical facilities, it’s pushing them to new limits in caring for patients.

When asked about this challenging year, Sejal Shah, CEO of TotalMed shared, “If there is one thing that this pandemic has done, it’s given us a test of our resiliency and our ability to adapt and overcome. It comes in all forms.”

The coronavirus pandemic has provided the opportunity for TotalMed “to look at our team and see who rose up to this occasion and who didn’t. Where are there opportunities for development or betterment because it could be something else tomorrow. It could be anything tomorrow.”

The client sales team has been focusing on how they can rise to meet the challenges hospitals and other medical facilities are facing right now. “We understand where our partners are coming from and want to find the best way to partner with them. We are WITH them during these challenging times, “ shared Dave Barse, Vice President of the Clinical Healthcare Division.

TotalMed continues to focus on meeting the needs of its partners while caring for the clinical and non-clinical staff that rely on them. They are rising to the challenge of COVID-19 by aiding their clients with clinical and allied staffing when all hospitals are seeing staff fatigue due to the pandemic.

Interested in seeing how TotalMed can assist your healthcare facility with your staffing needs? Reach out to us by CLICKING HERE.

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