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Recruiter Spotlight – Zach

Our awesome team of recruiters work day-to-day to guarantee that their caregivers have the BEST possible experience while on assignment! Everyone meet our superstar recruiter, Zach!


Zach Willis

Favorite Place to Travel:

Thailand, Okinawa Japan, Vegas

Favorite Restaurant:

Los Tres, Coco’s Curry

Fun Facts:

I spend most of my time at the gym when not working. When not working or at the gym I am hanging out with Lucy, my friends, my family, or playing sports.

Pets/Pet or kids names:

Lucy and I have a Golden Retriever named Recon and 2 pugs Phoebe and Olive.

Why do you love working for TotalMed?

I love TotalMed because of the people. I never thought I would find a career path that I enjoy this much. I am thankful for this opportunity… I truly do love what I do!

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