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Pairing Clinician and Client through Innovation

Putting clients first is what Steve Swan, Chief Information Officer at StaffBot, does every day with the suite of platforms his company has developed. “Through innovation and a unique technology stack, we can find quality clinicians at a rapid pace and onboard them faster than with any other existing platform today.”

Among a variety of methods for matching candidates to positions, StaffBot uses artificial intelligence to identify in real-time the candidates who would be searching for the same published job, and facilities who would be seeking the same quality clinician. “Rather than spending time reviewing records to find the right candidates, our technology aligns the job and its requirements with the availability, skill sets, experience, type of facility, licensing, and other requirements of our clients to find the right candidate in a matter of seconds. Any agency using our SaaS platform can then confidently engage the candidate, knowing we have already aligned the position with the requirements, preferences and availability,” Steve shared.

One such agency is TotalMed. They utilize StaffBot to expedite and simplify the match between their clients and clinicians. StaffBot’s newest version to be released this winter empowers the candidates to update their own qualifications and also link their medical compliance, certifications, and primary licensing sources for faster onboarding and easier, touchless management during their assignments at TotalMed. StaffBot’s integrations with American Heart Association, Nursys, and medical laboratories eliminates the need for those interventions and keeps the data current. TotalMed’s recruiters are able to be ambassadors for the candidate when they would otherwise need to spend time managing the manual process of entering, updating, and onboarding.

StaffBot ensures healthcare facilities have immediate access to the candidates they need and clinicians can find the job of their dreams.

If you’d like to learn more about working with StaffBot, contact us at or TotalMed at

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