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Healthcare Client and Staffing Agency Collaboration in the Age of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to change the way travel nursing / healthcare support staffing agencies work with their healthcare partners. It has exposed weaknesses and areas of opportunities for growth. It has shown strength of relationships, knowledge and skills. At TotalMed, the team is working to grow and adjust where needed and build on the strengths to provide the highest quality service to their clients.

Sejal Shah, CEO of TotalMed, shared, “The one thing the pandemic has done is given us a test of our resiliency and our ability to adapt and overcome. It has given us the opportunity to look at our team to see who rose up to the occasion and who didn’t; where are opportunities for development or betterment. Because, it could be something else tomorrow.” Like so many other companies today, TotalMed is taking valuable learnings from the pandemic.

One way they are ensuring their healthcare clients are cared for is by reviewing their business. Sejal shared that the team walked through, “What could I have done differently? Did I dive deep enough into my customer base to figure out what pains? If they didn’t need this specific modality of staffing, they still had other pains. Did I really know my customers well enough to ask those questions? Did i know my customers well enough to look under and say: is there any other way I can add value or help you through this time period?”

COVID-19 has pushed companies from their comfort zone. At TotalMed, the team continues to discuss how they can “pivot to other areas where our approach and skill sets could still help.” Putting the client first comes naturally to TotalMed, but by asking the tough questions and processing through what they found, TotalMed has been able to enhance their service to new levels and to continue to push for more success for their clients.

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