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Dealing with Stress at Work

When work stress starts to creep in, it’s easy to try to ignore it and just plow ahead.  However, avoiding dealing with stress can cause longer term issues.  Instead of ignoring it, here are a few helpful tips to help you deal with the stress you may be experiencing.

1. Understand what is stressing you out.  It’s easy to say “EVERYTHING!”  However, finding the underlying causes will help you respond more effectively when stress starts to take over.  Try tracking your stressors for a week or two.  Whether you write them in a journal, email them to yourself, or scribble them on post-it notes, understanding which situations create your stress will help you respond more effectively.

2. Take time to recharge.  It’s easy to start to feel overwhelmed by work responsibilities and demands on your time outside of work.  However, you need to take time to step away and re-energize yourself.  Once you find your balance, it will be harder to get knocked sideways into the stress-zone.

3. Stay organized.  It may sound odd, but planning ahead and being organized can greatly reduce your stress.  You won’t find yourself rushing around as much in the morning, and you’ll find you’re more efficient if you aren’t dealing with all the disorganized clutter lying around.

While it’s always easier said than done, putting these tips into practice can help you ease your stress.

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