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Communication Tips

We know it can be challenging to feel a part of the team when you are new, so we wanted to share a few quick communication tips that might help.

1. Ask your manager and team members what communication type they prefer

It’s easy to assume that everyone likes to communicate the same way you do.  However, some people prefer a quick conversation (even if it’s virtual) with a text or email follow-up?  Some people want everything via email.  Some just want a quick text if it’s a short question/answer or information sharing.  What’s the best way to find out?  Just ask.

2. Proofread and Edit Emails

Email is a way of life, and it can be easy to get relaxed when sending emails all day long.  However, always make sure you proofread and edit everything you write before you hit send.  Make sure you are conveying not only the right message, but the right tone.

3. Be friendly, open and honest with your team members – but stay professional

You spend a lot of time with your team, and it’s easy to progress that relationship into friendship.  Just remember that you are a professional and need to maintain your professional image.  So, when  you’re ready to share that crazy selfie you took over the weekend, maybe send it to your friends back home instead of your teammates.

Keep these ideas in mind to help you communicate with your team more effectively and professionally!

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