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Caregiver Spotlight – Sarah

Happy Tuesday, nurses! Today we are shining the spotlight on one our rockstar caregivers, Sarah!

First name:


Current assignment:

Augusta, Maine

Favorite place to travel:


Favorite Restaurant:

Cheesecake Factory

Fun Facts:

I like to work out…. gym rat! I like hanging out at the beach. Also, I like to draw paint and read during my free time.

Pets/Pet or kids names:

I have two kids: my spit fire daughter Elsa who is 7 and my handsome sweetheart of a boy Drake who is 10!

Why do you love working for TotalMed?:

I love working for TotalMed because everyone that I have come into contact with has been very supportive and has helped me instantly with no hesitation or problems. I have a really good recruiter Chris Harms, who is very personable, caring, and who truly cares about my family etc. He goes out of his way to help me find the perfect assignment that fits my families and my needs. Chris always calls and checks up on me and sees how I am doing during each assignment. The company is very thoughtful as well with the gifts they send to their employees. I truly enjoy being a travel RN for TotalMed

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