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Caregiver Spotlight – Glenda

We LOVE to show off our wonderful caregivers! These healthcare heroes work endlessly to guarantee that their patients have the BEST possible care! Meet Glenda.

First name:


Current assignment:


Favorite place to travel:

Anywhere with gorgeous beaches and nature.

Favorite Restaurant:

Iron Age Korean Steak. My favorite restaurant in GA.

Fun Facts:

-I was born in Japan.

-I am Sagittarius to a T: honest, adventurous, optimistic, independent, and philosophical.

-I love football (college and pro).

Pets/Pet or kids names:


Why do you love working for TotalMed?:

I love the professionalism and communication I have with my recruiter and the company. Whenever I have an issue they are always available and quick to fix the problem. I feel like they care about my well-being.

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