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Obtaining Your California RN License Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

The California Board of Registered Nursing’s licensing process is known for how difficult it can be to navigate. Don’t do it alone.  Obtaining your California RN license can be arduous, but does not have to be.

Plenty of staffing companies in the U.S. that place nationwide won’t place in the state of CA based solely on the painful licensing process there. At TotalMed, we know there are excellent facilities and enthusiastic healthcare providers wanting to work together in our home state of California.

We’re here make sure travelers can find their next adventure! We have an in-house expert to walk nursing candidates through the process. There is a technique, however, that starts with you.  Follow these steps and this will ensure the quickest path to your CA RN license@

1. Send your NURSYS Verification to CA

  • If your current state does not have  NURSYS – you must go to your State Board

2. Obtain Official School Transcripts

  • Send them to yourself
  • Keep them unopened/sealed
  • DO NOT SEND THEM TO THE BOARD.  Yes, that’s right… this delays your licenses significantly as they must review them line-by-line.  Your transcripts are not required for temporary licenses, so the idea is to apply for your permanent licenses AFTER you receive your temporary license… at which time you will send your transcripts. 

3. Have a recent 2×2 passport-style photograph

  • Paper clip it on your application for now, or send it online with your online application

4. Complete this Board application:

  • $150 to complete application

5. LiveScan Application ($74) or Fingerprint Card

  • LiveScan (in CA only… cannot be done in your home state) will expedite your license.  Providers can be found here
  • If using a money order, Livescan payment must be separate
  • Fingerprint card will be successful less than 100% of the time.  We have seen applicants send in their fingerprint cards as many as three times as the prints were not clear.

Your temporary license can take as few as 3 weeks, but as many as 10 if you apply during late spring / early summer.  (If you’ve had any fine, infraction or traffic violation up to $1,000 — not involving alcohol, dangerous drugs, or a controlled substance —this could put a delay on your license.)

Note: If RN finished school internationally or through Excelsior College, RN must fulfill all California requirements.

We want to build a strong relationship with our RNs and guide you to any job throughout California! Contact us today to get started!

Photo via Pixabay.

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