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5 Reasons Travel Nurses Should Sign a Contract in South Carolina

South Carolina tends to fly under the radar, but the Palmetto State has a lot to offer travel nurses. From the delectable southern cuisine to the warm weather, here are 5 reasons to consider South Carolina for your next assignment.   

It has competitive pay

South Carolina has dozens of hospitals, and some of them are looking for awesome nurses like you. The pay is pretty enticing as well:

  • Gross take home weekly: $1,453.00 – $1,744.00
  • Net take home weekly: $1,275.00 – $1,557.00

Your nursing pay will go far when you’re living in South Carolina, too, especially when it comes to housing. The state is below the country’s average when it comes to rental costs.

It’s a Compact State

South Carolina is the southernmost state on the East Coast that is part of the Nurse Licensure Compact. If you don’t already know the drill, compact states have an agreement that allows you to practice nursing in other compact states. Check here for the full list, and read on to find out why you should head to South Carolina for your next travel assignment.

You can go to all the beaches

When you dream of sandy beaches, you may not realize South Carolina has just what you need. In fact, there are so many beaches that there is even a Top 10 list that you can turn into your to-do list when you visit. Some of them are even part of state parks! Go on a picnic with your fellow travel nurses on your next day off.

And they’re not just for sunbathing. Myrtle Beach is a popular tourist destination with plenty of things to do. Don’t forget to take a spin the the SkyWheel!

You can immerse yourself in the arts and culture

If you love live entertainment, there is plenty to do in SC. Catch a show at the historic Abbeville Opera House or the Carolina Opry. Classical music enthusiasts will want to attend a performance by the Beaufort Symphony Orchestra or the Foothills Chorale. Also, while you’re there, head to a club and learn the official state dance, the Carolina Shag!

South Carolina is also home to the Southern African American Heritage Center, where you can learn about the history and culture of African Americans from the 19th to the mid 20th century.

If you make it to the Columbia Museum of Art, you’ll get to hang out with Warhol, Botticelli, and Monet — the museum has pieces from those artists as part of its permanent collection.

This small state also boasts a number of high-profile names like James Brown, Jesse Jackson, Kristen Davis, Viola Davis, and Vanna White.  And there must be something funny in the water: comedians Aziz Ansari, Stephen Colbert, and Chris Rock all hail from SC.   

You’ll enjoy Southern comfort food

Nurses who are looking for good old-fashioned comfort food will be right at home in SC. Be sure to belly up to The Oyster Bar, grab some hushpuppies at Charleston Crab House, gobble up biscuits at Poogan’s Porch, and don’t forget boiled peanuts — you can find vendors on the side of the road.

For a taste of Italy, head on over to Villa Tronco, the oldest restaurant in South Carolina. SC food has even made it onto the world food map: The Wreck of the Richard and Charlene was christened by Condé Nast as one of the best restaurants in the world.

If you like crab cakes and oysters, the state holds Seafood Festivals most months out of the year. And if you like to add heat to your food, Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper sauce is made from the world’s hottest pepper, locally grown in SC.  

Oh, and you’ve heard of sweet tea? Yeah, you have South Carolina to thank for that. Summerville, SC claims to be the birthplace of the South’s favorite beverage.

Are you ready to hit the beaches of South Carolina and nosh on shrimp and grits? Check out our current openings.

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